hi there :))

i am a 19 year old, although sometimes i wish i could go back to being 14 with all the things that i have learned so far and start a new timeline, just like every one else

i tend to overanalyse and overthink conversations, friendships and relationships which i guess is why at the moment i have distanced myself from everyone who knows me

i would describe myself as a ghost, looming over everyone around me, observing tiny details, making notes without saying much and occasionally bumping into things

for reasons i cannot possibly fathom, people actually like my advice even though clearly i am not good at life.








Published by 19orionis

19 year old avid daydreamer. I love to read, write and study ceilings or walls or floors. My profile picture is a photo clicked by lisamazze on Instagram 😊

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Try not to be confused simply because you have not learned how to fully see yet. We progress at the rate our conciseness allows and it would appear safe to perceive in this reality that you’re ahead of the game.

    There is no such thing as over analyzing, only over interpreting.

    Never forget that and you’ll continue to do greater…

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    1. Consciousness… Not consciences, although it fits. Any time confusion sets in remember: Consciousness is nothing more than the extended tragedy played out in the Con of Science.

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